Investment activity

Dear friends! Dear investors!

       Akushinsky district is a historically attractive and distinctive mountainous region. From time immemorial, the area has been called the land of poets, scientists and craftsmen. In Dagestan they say that if there is no master in the aul, then the Most High does not accept prayers from its inhabitants. One name of the famous learned Arabist Ustaz Aligadzhi Akushinsky says a lot. Our ancestors have always committed great importance to creative and quality work. And now we are determined to restore these traditions.

       Akushinsky district is not only a land with a unique culture and rich history, but also one of the promising regions of the Republic of Dagestan. Today the district is not at the level it should be, but with the support of the leadership of the Republic, the wonderful hardworking and enterprising residents of the region, we will be able to develop.

       Our region has huge potential - large stocks of building materials. Akushinsky district is famous for its developed livestock and crop production. Favorable geographical location, beautiful nature and favorable climate of the region - all this in a complex helps to strengthen the economic attractiveness of the region. We are conducting consistent work to create for investors the most comfortable conditions for doing business in the area. The district is being updated in many ways, including the formation of a favorable legal and tax climate, the development of labor resources
and stimulating domestic market growth.

       We are always ready to work in an open and constructive dialogue. Akushins - passionaries, energetic people. Akushins, love and know how to learn. Obstetricians have always been successful in work, in school, in sport. Akushinsky district is directed towards the future. We invite those who are looking not into the past, but into the future, who are ready to implement new ideas with us, to become our partners.
and ambitious projects. It is profitable to invest in our area. You don’t have to go far for an example, the Chindirchero ski base, known throughout Russia as the brainchild of investment investments by a native of our region, Omarov Gadzhi Gadzhimagomedovich

       You will find true friends and respectable partners in Akushinsky district.


The head of the administration of the municipality "Akushinsky district"
Abdulkerimov Makhach Kadievich.

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